Hot Ass Slap Shot Fantasy Hockey

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I’ve been winning a lot of coin recently playing daily fantasy hockey. There are strategies in choosing players that can give an edge over the average player. Choosing the right goalies to start is of utmost importance in creating a winning team.

Two important factors should be weighed and measured, versus the price of the goalie. The first question one should be asking is if the team the goalie is facing is well rested, or did they play the night before. A tired team doesn’t score as many goals as a well rested team. Also of significance are the Las Vegas odds on the goalie’s team chance of winning. A highly favored, relatively low priced goalie, is always a good play.

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The United States Women’s Ice Hockey Team bares their ass for ESPN Body Magazine

Most fantasy hockey gamers are considering both these factors when choosing their goalie, but here’s a tip that can give you an edge which is usually not considered. A low priced goalie who is not favored, but has a low total amount of goals projected for the outcome of the game (again, check Vegas odds), plus the team they are facing averages a lot of shots on goal per game, is truly the ultimate play.

If you really want to win money playing fantasy sports, you have to be in it for the long haul. Tournaments with big prize payouts are no different than playing the lottery, when all is said and done. Playing head to head, 50/50’s and double ups, are where the money can really be earned. Patience and lengthy research is necessary to win big dollars playing fantasy sports.