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When growing up, I would steal my brother’s Playboy’s and masturbate wildly to the glamorous air brushed pictures of Playmates offering perfectly round ass. Teasing the camera with a smile, arch of the back and an outward jutting of their butt, drove me nuts. I became obsessed with girls at middle school parties who wore enticing tight jeans showing off their cute round bums. I longed to tongue fuck their virgin asses.

I was depressed and shy with a crazy mother who didn’t like me. Ashamed of my obsession and suffering from an inability to formulate communication with any of these ass goddesses, life was unbearable. Never could I have imagined that in adulthood, something called the internet would be invented and my luck would change.

At first, when only connected to dial-up at download speeds of just a couple kilobytes a second, I would scour the internet for images like this, often shooting rockets of splooge that would cover my keyboard, seeping down in the cracks between the keys.

With the internet, anything is possible. Hours can be spent edging, communicating, engaging and watching perfect round female asses that yearn to be spanked and tongue fucked. Jerking to videos of your favorite porn star ass or your next door neighbor MILF big booty, is just a mouse click away!

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Here is when it gets good! The boyfriend confides in Khloe that he really wants to try “rimming” , and that big sis has no interest in it. Khloe tells him she is eager to have her ass licked and worshipped. Game on!